Gold Heart Chinchillas


  • Can I make an appointment to look at your chinchillas?​

No. Appointments are for pickups of chinchillas that are on hold only.

  • How much are your kits?

Prices depend on the color, quality and pedigree, so there isn't a set price. Prices can range from $100.00 to $350.00 and upward to $400.00 + for something like a chocolate chinchilla or an extreme white.​

  • What payment options do you accept?

The $50 deposit may only be made via PayPal.  The rest of the payment may only be made in cash at the time of pickup.  We do not accept credit cards nor do we accept checks.

  • I already have a chinchilla and I want to get a new one, how do I do this?

You'll have to introduce them. It can be a slow process depending on the chinchillas. If you add a kit to an adult, though, they normally get along very quickly. You introduce chinchillas by having two cages side by side so they can see and smell each other through the bars. I normally recommend leaving them like that for at least a week, maybe even up to a month. Putting two chinchillas together too quickly can cause bad fights, even to the point of them seriously hurting each other or worse. If all goes well, you can try switching cages, putting your chinchilla in the new chinchilla's cage and putting the new chinchilla in your old chinchilla's cage. This is so they can smell the other's scent so they can get use to the other's smell. After that, you can try giving supervised play time with the two of them and see how they get along. If they play together, they should be fine putting them in a freshly cleaned cages together. You may see them fight a little bit, or one chinchilla get on top of the other, this is normal and should NOT be stopped. They're just working out who's the dominate chinchilla. You shouldn't separate them unless they start biting the other's toes or pulling the fur from the other's back, but this really only happens when you try to introduce two adults. Again, adding a kit or a young chinchilla to an older chinchilla is normally a lot easier and smoother.

  • What type of shavings do you use?

I use kiln dried pine. Aspen is another good type of shaving just remember which ever you get make sure it isn't fine. Not only is the fine shavings not good for them to breath, they LOVE the bigger pieces of wood that they can chew up. Also, this is very important, DO NOT GET CEDAR shavings. This is highly toxic and will kill any animal.

  •  Are there discounts?

Yes! When you buy two or more chinchillas there is a minimum of a $25.00 discount. The more you get, the higher the discount. I always recommend buying in pairs because chinchillas love having a playmate and a snuggle buddy!

  • I sent you a message on FaceBook and you haven't responded, why?

I don't answer FaceBook messages at all. Email only.

  • Do you supply a carrier?

No. You must bring your own carrier to take the chin(s) home in. 

  • Do you ship or deliver?


  • What brand of food do you use?

I use Mazuri chinchilla food (you get a free week's supply of this food with each chinchilla you get from me). I highly recommend this brand because it's very good for them and doesn't have the sugary treats that's so bad for them, too much is very bad for their health and can greatly shorten their life's. All a chinchilla needs is a good pellet based food like Mazuri and Timothy hay.

  • What treats should I feed to my chinchilla?

Sugary treats aren't the best for chinchillas. It can lead to all sorts of health problems if they have too many. But a treat every now and then is fine and chins love them! I recommend shredded wheat (not frosted) over other treats because they're not that high in sugar so you can give them one a day. Dried fruits like raisins, cranberries and papayas are high in sugar so I recommend only one or two a week. Another type of treat that some love and it's really good for them is dried rosehips, still only one or two a week.

  • What toys do you recommend?

Chinchillas chew, a lot, so they need lots of things to chew on like kiln dried untreated, unfinished pine, apple wood and willow. They also love chewing on pumice stone. Some chinchillas like hammocks to lay in but some just like to chew them up. Chinchillas are very curious and mischievous creatures and they love having things to chew on and ledges to jump around on.

This page lists frequently asked questions. If any of these don't answer your questions, please feel free to email me!