I currently have a baby boy from Kassius and Song born on 7-29-19. Momma Song had a hard delivery so this sweet baby boy got a few injuries, one over his right eye and both ears. He's a Homo Tan and he's a huge baby boy! Because of his scars, he'll likely be $150.00.

And I have twins from Mika and Khaleesi born on 7-31-19. They are born a little early so I'm going to hold them until they're at least 2 months old to make sure they're healthy. One is a girl that's a tan will likely be $150 to $200, her brother is an ebony white that'll likely be $200 to $250

*Note that these prices are a ballpark so it may go higher or lower than my prediction.*

Chinchillas for Sale!

Last updated: August 18th, 2019


Tan White Boy (Hetero)

A very high-quality boy that's fun-loving and curious! He and his brother both are super sweet! He can go by himself or with his brother for $450.00​ for the pair!

DoB: May 16, 2019


My breeders

Email me with an offer!

Mika (standard Male born on 9-14-13) & Khaleesi -  (tan white Female born on 1-10-13) 

They give 2 to 3 kits and has given up to 4. They've had 25+ kits together and they're always healthy with only 1 stillborn and 1 lost. She's an outstanding mother and he's the most loving daddy chin I've ever had! When she has babies, I take him out for a couple of days so she doesn't back breed then I can put him right back and he helps raise them. They go together as breeders to stay together. She can't be in a colony. Because of their quality, healthy babies with good size litters, being fast and consistent breeders and being great parents in general, they are my BEST breeders! They can pay for themselves easily. I normally sell their babies from $150.00 to $300.00. 


Kassius (extreme pink white Male born on 3-23-14) & Song (tan Female born on 6-12-16)

Kassius is an extreme pink white (homo beige) and his color does carry to his kits! He's very laid back but a little skittish. He's had 8+ kits, with a few females, he's a good colony breeder. Song has had 7+ kits, all with Kassius. He's a good daddy, and can be with the kits and helps care for them. She is NOT a good colony breeder. She was violently attacked by another female when she was young which scarred the back of her neck up and made her untrusting of chinchillas but she does great with Kassius and her babies. They're both good breeders, but she's a bit of a slow breeder.


Bandit (TOV Tan M 1-26-11), Sookie (pink white F 10-18-10) & Shireen (standard F 4-4-15).

Shireen is a little odd! She had a really bad ear infection but with medicine, I was able to knock it out but for some reason, she still holds her head to the side and she's very clumsy because of it but that doesn't stop her! She's very friendly and curious! Bandit's fathered 42+ kits in his live. He's a great run and colony breeder and the girls are good colony breeders and they help take care of each other's kits. Bandit is fine with kits but isn't like Mika and Kassius, he normally just leaves them alone and occasionally cares for them. Sookie's had 24+ and Shireen's had 7+. Bandit and Sookie have slowed down because of their age and Shireen has always been a slow breeder.


Poncho (Extra Dark Standard Male Unknown birthdate) & Lulu (Black Velvet Female 6-14-17) 
Poncho is a great breeder. He came from a New York breeder but I sadly don't have his pedigree. He's not a good run breeder. Lulu is also a g
ood breeder but she cannot handle females, she WILL attack them! So she can NEVER be a colony breeder. Due to Poncho, they have partial pedigree kits so I sell them at a lower price however they're huge, health, high-quality kits!


I'm selling everything chinchilla related I own for $1500.00! Or best offer! This includes ALL of my chinchillas (kits too!) that are listed on this page, cages, food, etc! Email me at goldheartchinchillas@gmail.com for more info!

About the breeders, if you place down a deposit on a pregnant female, that deposit also includes the babies she delivers, which will go with the momma when they're two weeks old at no extra charge if you want them. So in other words... Free babies! If you don't want the baby(s), I will have to keep momma until they're weaned, a minimum of 2 months. This applies even if she gives birth before pickup and I didn't know she was pregnant. 


TOV Tan (Homo)

A cutie boy with beautiful coloring! He has a sweet personality with stunning ruby red eyes! He can go by himself or with his brother for $450.00 for the pair.

DoB: May 16, 2019



Cadence - TOV Beige (ebony carrier)

She's a bratty girl! And by bratty I mean if she doesn't get her way, she throws tantrums and nips. But that strong personally means that when she opens up, she loves to get into things and loves being the queen bee! Because of this, I wouldn't recommend putting her with other chinchillas because she's has issues in the past. I wouldn't recommend her for kids at all, because of her bratty nature, she'll need someone with patience!

She's NOT pregnant but is a proven breeder

DoB: April 19, 2016


These are the chinchillas that are currently for sale! Each one of the chinchillas come with a pedigree, 7 days of Muzuri food and a Chinchilla Care Booklet. A $50.00 deposit is required to hold each chinchilla. Before emailing me about a chinchilla, please read my Q&A, as well as everything on this page. 

Appointments are for pickups of chinchillas that are on hold ONLY! Without the $50.00 deposit, a chinchilla cannot be picked up, pickups only, I do not ship or deliver. Please don't place down the deposit without emailing me first for availability of that chinchilla first. Please bring a carrier to take the chin(s) home in, and the remaining balance on pick up must be cash, cash ONLY on pickup.​​

Gold Heart Chinchillas