Gold Heart Chinchillas

About me

My name is Angel Forrester. I saw my first chinchilla when I was about 10. My dad, my mom and I were at a pet store and we saw him. We ended up leaving with him and called him Rocki (he was a standard gray). But sadly he was neglected so he was untrusting and he hated me so he'd spray me every time I got close, I guess it was because I was young because he loved my dad. Knowing what I know now, Rocki was a girl because males don't spray like that... But anyway, about 2 or 3 years later we were moving so my mom and dad found a good home for her. In 2009 my dad tried to talk me into getting a chinchilla but I got a guinea pig instead. I got her from a pet store.... She was very sickly but with many vet visits she lived longer than expected but she died on 10-14-10 (Yet another case why you shouldn't buy an animal from a pet store). 4 days after that a pink white and a hetero beige were born. Sisters. Not long after that I started doing research on chinchillas. A month later I found a breeder in Georgia and fell in love with the pictures of that pink white and beige. A few days before Thanksgiving those sisters were mine to be picked up on 12-19-10. We went to get them and I saw them with their mother. This had only been the second time I've ever seen a chinchilla in real life and really the first time I got to hold one. Rocki wouldn't let me touch her. It was so weird feeling them, it was like you couldn't feel them at all because they were so soft, and I was so awkward with holding them because it was the first time I've held a chinchilla, but since that day, I was hooked. We took them home and named them Sookie and Cookie. Somewhere along the way I decide to breed chinchillas and on 3-26-11 I got my herd, started with 5 standards, a homo ebony, a dark ebony and a hetero beige. I love chinchillas! I love their personalities, their genetics and everything about these amazing creature. They are truly one of God's many wonderful creations and I don't know what I'd do without my chinnies.